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MLG India database provider is gearing up for another good year with a lot of positive things on the agenda. They have signed the deals with the big league baseball league in America, as well as the Bowl season in England. Both these major milestones were met with tremendous growth and success by the players, the coaching staff and the entire MLG India staff.

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The recently concluded IPL was a turning point for the die hard fans of IPL who expected big things from the league this year. The all time greats of cricketing world like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly were given ITP endorsements and were offered live streamed platforms to carry out the functions in real time. These were unheard of at the time and this marked a big step towards expanding the reach of IPL. There are many other teams qualifying for the IPL season and there will be some exciting matches played in the coming weeks which will help the fans to see who among the IPL teams will come soon to be part of the elite IPL.

The players from the new clan Team India and the current top franchise, the Kochi Bears, have been given a lot of importance this season. Right from openers to the closing games, the entire IPL experience has been a memorable one for the viewers. The live streaming of the IPL games on the MLG website has made it possible for all IPL fans to see their favorite teams play all their matches even when they are away on international trips.

It was also announced that the first season of the Kochi Bears franchise in the IPL has been sold out within the first week itself. The fans of the franchise had left no stone unturned to secure their place in the IPL; that too with great efforts. Kochi Bears has managed to get tickets for the first two matches of IPL from various sports events and corporate houses. These tickets have been sold off through the various online websites that are into cricketing business.

The second match of IPL is scheduled to be played in July. Cricbuzz reported that the Kochi-led IPL team is confident about winning against the Chicago Bears in this year’s edition of IPL. They have already made good preparations for this IPL season. Cricbuzz stated that the Kochi Bears have been trying their best to make this IPL season a good one for the fans as IPL is considered to be a gold mine for the Indian Super League.

Cricbuzz further reported that the IPL teaser trailer was seen by more than a hundred television viewers in the first week itself. Kochi Bears captain Soumik Mehta along with a few other members of the team were seen in the teaser trailer. They were seen practicing in some of the best-designed shoes that IPL has to offer. They were wearing the newer version of the cricket boots that the franchise is offering. Kochi has signed three different players in their roster for this season. This is the first big move that the new Kochi clan is doing for the IPL.

Cricbuzz further reported that the Kochi-based IPL team is planning to introduce a new marketing strategy which will be implemented in the coming weeks. The teaser video showed a number of clips from the previous IPL seasons and IPL insiders have shared their joy over the fact that the new teaser was shown exclusively on YouTube. This means that there will be much more interaction between the gamers and fans in future IPL matches. Cricbuzz hopes that the introduction of this YouTube feature will encourage more people to become part of the IPL clan.

For all the latest updates on the IPL, Cricbuzz has updated their IPL teaser trailer section with more news about the teams, their players and other related IPL information. You can visit their IPL blog for the latest updates. For fans who want to know more about the new Kochi franchise, the official site of Kochi Kings will also give you some valuable information on the team, including their history, players and key members.