Choosing an Australian Skin Care Company

Choosing an Australian Skin Care Company can be difficult. You may have noticed more companies advertising their natural skin care products in TV commercials and in print ads. But, are these Australian skincare products really the best? Are they really the most effective ones? Are they different from those in other countries?

Let’s start by examining some of the advertisements. Many television advertisements feature models with perfect skin who look younger than their years. The implication is that these products can give you wrinkle-free skin, a younger looking face and healthy, glowing skin. This is quite misleading, as these products are not approved by FDA or any other medical authority in the USA.

In order to be accepted by FDA, products should meet certain quality standards. Products should also be consistent in content, structure and use in order to meet certain regulations. Natural skin care company advertisements do not meet any of these requirements. Instead, they promote unproven products from Asia that Australia has banned and blocked from the market.

Let’s examine a few of the ingredients in these supposedly “miracle” products. According to the Skin Care Association of Australia (SCAA), all skincare products that are marketed for use on the skin must contain at least two of the following ingredients: Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, Antioxidants, Chemical constituents and Moisturizers. Australian skincare products cannot contain any of these ingredients. Australian law restricts cosmetic companies from using these ingredients. The only ingredients that the companies can use are those that are natural and provided through the use of mineral oils.

As if these Australian skin care company ingredients are not bad enough, there are others. For example, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin wax, parabens and fragrances are prohibited as ingredients. They interfere with the exfoliation process, clog the pores and interfere with the natural rejuvenation processes. In addition, some of these ingredients cause rashes and irritation. Fragrances are actually carcinogens according to some medical studies.

Cosmetic companies claim that they use the safest and most effective manufacturing methods. However, no testing is required to prove these claims. Even if companies follow the regulations regarding the use of cosmetics that are in compliance with the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel, there is no guarantee that the products are safe.

There are thousands of products on the market today containing dangerous chemicals. These include dioxins, which causes cancer; lead, which cause learning disabilities and developmental delays; and parabens, which mimic estrogens, and can interfere with the hormone production in both women and men. You might want to think carefully about the products that you choose to use. In addition to the chemical additives mentioned above, most creams, lotions, gels, and soaps contain fragrances. It is imperative to read the label of ingredients to identify the fragrance or flavor.

Choosing an effective skin care company can be challenging, especially if you have never shopped for cosmetics before. Look for one with a wide range of products that address various skin types and issues. Do not be afraid to ask questions when evaluating a company. Many companies offer free consultations and will respond to any questions you have. Australian skin care company websites usually include testimonials from happy customers.

The price you will pay for the services provided by a company will also have an impact on your choice. The best companies will provide discounts on purchases and rebates for returning products. These can make the difference between a good price and a bad one. Australian companies that operate online also tend to have more affordable prices, making it possible for you to shop from the comfort of your home or office.

It is important to choose a skin care company based on both reputation and product quality. Make sure the products they sell are safe and effective. Customer satisfaction surveys are another way to determine the quality of a particular company. Most companies will have a site with hundreds of customer reviews. Read through them and consider what you may be losing if you continue to purchase their products.

It is possible to have beautiful skin without spending a fortune. Taking the time to evaluate a skin care company is worth it in the long run. You can find a reputable company in Australia and reap the rewards of their helpful advice, great products, and friendly customer service.